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Workshop - “Expressar Consentimento / Consent Expressions”

WORKSHOP - “Expressar Consentimento / Consent Expressions” de Hermina Ghenu

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Consent is a daily struggle for many women & non-binary people living under the system of patriarchal oppression. Many of us struggle to express our boundaries and manifest ownership over our bodies. To learn these skills, we need fun, inclusive, and protected spaces that encourage personal exploration and growth. That's why our collective is offering this playful workshop that focuses on teaching and practicing consent skills.

Our collective draws inspiration from diverse learnings and experiences: dance, contact improvisation, the wheel of consent, and intersectional feminist theory. Our goal is to guide the whole group into a journey of creativity, playfulness, depth, and joy. Everyone is welcome to learn and play together!

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We ask that you arrive on time. The doors will close at 15h15; in order to establish a safer-space, late arrivals are not permitted.

The workshop is for adults and will last 4 hours (with a break).

We will have movement and dancing, as well as some thinking and talking activities.

The languages are English and Portuguese.

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We are a feminist community of activists, facilitators, and educators in the Lisbon area who work to bring more empowerment and inclusion into the world. In our diverse experiences, we have independently come to feel that a deeper consent practice is the best way to care for those we love. We organize and host events centered on creating safer-spaces that embody consent culture.
The facilitators for this workshop are two inspiring women (Lydia & Sofia) who transmit a great sense of integrity, strength, peacefulness, wildness, freedom and joy.
Lydia Müller is a professional dancer since 2002, a dance and contact improvisation teacher, and currently becoming a trainer in sexological bodywork. She has worked with people, young and old, in Europe and around the world. Her goal is to provide a space of nurturing consent, where people can connect with themselves and others.

Sofia Nola uses her ever-growing knowledge of body-held emotional memories to offer unique individual and group sessions where participants can uncover, release, explore, and retell their inner narratives. She is a dancer, contact improvisation facilitator, and bodywork therapist who is passionate about bringing her transformative process to people of all ages and experiences.