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Intervenção de rua - “Tripas”

INTERVENÇÃO DE RUA - “Tripas” de Michela dal Brollo e Inés Ballesteros

24 maio (sexta): Praça Martim Moniz

25 maio (sábado): Proximidades da escadinha da saúde

26 maio (domingo): Miradouro de Santa Catarina

A partir das 15h. 

O coletivo TRIPAS lançou um Open Call para todxs que fazem Fanzines! O material será impresso e exposto na biblioteca integrada à estrutura efêmera que será montada no espaço público (Praça Martim Moniz, proximidades da escadinha da saúde e Miradouro de Santa Catarina/Adamastor), como parte de uma intervenção de rua do Festival Feminista de Lisboa. A exposição irá decorrer nos dias 24, 25 e 26 de Maio, a partir das 15h.
Participem e enviem a vossa Zine para!

What is TRIPAS

TRIPAS is: Nomad, flexible, recyclable, adaptable, participative, open-atelier.
TRIPAS is a light moveable structure that can be activated and set in public spaces.
TRIPAS is born out of some bamboo sticks and fabrics.
TRIPAS will keep growing during the festival using the resources of the environment and the exchange of territorial knowledge.

What TRIPAS live off

Some of the activities that will happen in TRIPAS are: a feminist fanzine public library, an ongoing collective publication atelier and a hand-printing space.
TRIPAS is open space, that will be used as a three-dimensional diary and the base of a collective research.

The material Tripas is feeding of is both theoretical and physical. We would like to focus on exchange informations about the use of city’s resources that can strengthen the sense of local community and a politic of subjectivity. Some examples of information we will look for: where to find free materials (landfills, garbage collection days), free food (closing hours of markets), natural resources (edible weeds, fruit trees) abandoned buildings, shelters etc.

We are two artists working with public space and the socio-political relations that are articulated in neoliberal cities.
We have an ongoing collaborative research based on our direct experience. We approach the street as research ground and our art practice as a tool to exercise the way of imagining our environment. We are interested on activities and spaces that through collective action present themselves as deviations to globalised systems of power in the living setting of the city. We are interested in projects that put together people to think and share different ways of resistance and collectivity.  

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