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Exposição - “My Kind of Femininity”

EXPOSIÇÃO - “My Kind of Femininity” de Gloria Moreno
“My Kind of Femininity” is a project meant to transcend stereotypical narratives of femininity. It was born out of a need to explore and celebrate the intrinsically subjective meaning of notions of femininity, allowing people to represent themselves in the way they choose and speak on their own behalf. Rather than asking what femininity is, this project questions its very essence and materiality thereof - How does one feel feminine and what makes one feel feminine? This project creates a space in which people can celebrate ‘their kind of femininity' and challenge the age-old social constructs of the requisites of femininity itself.


Gloria Moreno is cyber nanny at night, anthropology graduate student during the day, likes to think of herself as ever evolving. Gloria’s work and research project in the Dominican Republic explore gender and sexual/reproductive health and rights (SRHR) related issues. Currently living in Copenhagen, she is an occasional photographer. Dislikes bios and quotes Borges on this matter: truly believe that everyone is nothing but the writers that they have read, the films they have seen, all the people that they have met, all the people that they have loved, all the cities they have visited, all the particles of this world they have imbibed, assimilated, made their own.

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